Object of the Game

To end the game with one counter in the centre square only.

How to Play

Players move one counter in a straight line only either horizontally or vertically over an adjoining counter into an empty square beyond. The counter jumped over is then removed from the board.

Diagonal jumps are not allowed. Moves that do not involve a jump are not allowed either. A succession of jumps is allowed provided each landing square is vacant.

The game continues until no more counters can be moved. The aim is to be left with one counter in the centre square only.


Click on a counter, and any available moves will be higlighted, and the counter will also become highlighted.

To make a move, click on one of the highlited squares that are available for that counter. The counter will move to that square and the counter that was jumped will be removed from the board.

If after the move there are any other available moves for that counter, then those squares will also be highlighted.

To deselect a highlighted counter click on it again and it will go back to its unselected colour.